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Pagalidis Architects + Engineers

An inspired team with a vision, dedicated to design, supervise and construct functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings that respect the traditional architecture and follow the forms of modern functionality! From the initial planning to your completed project, you can rely on our professionalism and expertise in construction and restoration to bring forth exactly what you envision; a safe, sustainable and solid construction that flawlessly fits your needs and dreams. Since 1979, Pagalidis Architects + Engineers deliver excellence in design, supervision and construction of your dream home, and more!

Our Projects

Our extensive portfolio attests to the wide range of projects we have brought forth so far, a collection of impressive constructions!
Good design
is obvious.
Great design
is transparent.

Start Your Project

Let’s set the foundation for a collaboration for the construction that will become an establishment! Send us your request, filling the form bellow.